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The Board

The Finnish-Indian Society is led by the board of members. The board is elected once a year at the autumn meeting of the society. The meeting is open for the members of the society and invitation will be sent to all members. Every member also has a vote in the autumn meeting.

In 2020 the president of the society is Markku Lemmetty. The board also includes the following persons: Shefali Arora, Tiina Karjalainen, Mandip Kaur, Ashu Patpatia and Irma Sippola.

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1.All services are available in Mandvi, photo by Helena Perheentupa
2.Anjuna fleamarket, Goa, photo by Kirsi Mankila
3.Ganesha festival, photo by Pirjo Alhola
4.Fruit seller, photo by Eero Eloranta