1. Kerala backwaters, photo by Helena
2. Chinese fishing nets, Cochin, Kerala, photo by Helena Perheentupa,
3. Manek Chawk, Mandavi, photo by Helena Perheentupa
4. Haveli panting, photo by Pirjo Alhola





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News & events

Updated 11.07.2017

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70th Independence day of India on 15.8.2017

Celebrations at Indian Embassy.

Peali Juva & The Bollywood Bliss Band 14.9 at 19.00 hrs 
Espoo Cultural Centre, Louhi Hall,

Address: Kulttuuriaukio 2 02100 Espoo

More information: Peali Juva & The Bollywood Bliss Band

Our main event – Diwali on Saturday 14.10.2017

Our Society will arrange 18th Diwali. Multicultural program, delicious supper, more information later on.

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