1. Lake palace, Jaipur, photo by Pirjo Alhola
2. Finding water, photo by Kirsi Mankila
3.Ranakhpuri Jain Temple, photo by Pirjo Alhola
4. Mumbai beatch, photo by Eero Eloranta





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Contact information

Opastinsilta 9 B 39, 00520 Helsinki
e-mail: info(at)suomiintiaseura.fi

President Markku Lemmetty
e-mail: mol.lemmetty(at)pp.inet.fi
p. 0400 411 036

Want to join us?

The Finnish-Indian Society has about 230 members. It arranges various activities related to India and Indian culture, including seminars, lectures, courses and cultural events. Information on these can be found in the newsletter society members get approximately four times a year. The newsletter also contains tips about events, news and other interesting things related to India.

The society's membership fee is 20 euros/year and for a couple 30 euros/year. The fee for permanent membership is 300 euros. You can join by sending your contact information to Markku Lemmetty.

If you wish to actively engage in the society, to plan cultural events and organise various events, please contact the board members by e-mail: info(at)suomiintiaseura.fi

We warmly welcome you to join the society's activities!